Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Honored Allies Wednesday: Marina Raskova (USSR)


"Marina Mikhaylovna Raskova was the first woman in the Soviet Union to achieve the diploma of professional air navigator.  Raskova went from a young woman with aspirations of becoming an opera singer to a military instructor to the Soviet's first female navigator.  She was the navigator to many record-setting as well as record-breaking flights and the founding and commanding officer of the 587th Bomber Aviation Regiment, which was renamed the 125th M.M. Raskova Borisov Guards Dive Bomber Regiment in her honor.  Raskova died on 4 January 1943, when her aircraft crashed attempting to make a forced landing on the Volga bank, while leading two other Pe-2s to the first operative airfield near Stalingrad.  She received the first state funeral of the war." 
Another groundbreaking honored ally,
Brian & Mel
The Marina Raskova, a merchant cargo ship named in her honor.

Some postage stamps in her honor.

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