Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Honored Allies Wednesday: Wacław Kobyliński (Poland)

"During the September campaign in 1939, he served in the staff of the Independent Operational Group "Narew".  During the Norwegian campaign of 1940, as a major, he commanded the 1st Battalion of the Independent Podhale Rifle Brigade.  On May 28, 1940, his sub-unit was tasked with capturing Skavtuva hill and Hestefjellet, and then on to the village of Beisfjord.  After the earlier attacks of the Foreign Legion and the Norwegian infantry, which had collapsed, a strike from the 1st battalion was directed to the German positions.  The attacks lasted all day, they were interrupted by German bomber raids, but in the evening the elite German units had to withdraw and the targets were captured.  This threatened German communication lines and was one of the key elements of the battle.  Władysław Kobyliński was awarded the War Cross No. 91 for his bravery." 

Another capable ally,
Brian & Mel

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