Saturday, March 12, 2022

"War & Sex"

"A story filled with passionate love, steamy sex sessions, kinky sex in the interrogation chamber, and sexy orgies.  Hot military bodies seeking sex where and with whom they can!  When you're in the military, hot sex isn't too hard to find, but finding the time maybe a little difficult.  So when you meet up with a willing girl and your cock is willing, ready, and able things will definitely get hot and steamy. Don't get mad if you have to guard the gates or the base you and a fellow military buddy might get lucky and get invited to a se orgy but be careful it might be a setup. I know you it doesn't help when because a stiff prick has no conscience, but be prepared for a hot ass and pussy that is ready for the poking, an open mouth is always great."  Well the title and the box description pretty much tells it all so have a go with it here
More of the same, 
Brian & Mel

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