Saturday, March 19, 2022

"Mein Handiwork"

"It's all Sieg Heils and handjobs as a handful of Nazi naughties show that their arms can be used for a lot more than just saluting their Fuhrer in "Mein Handiwork", an overall-good, 2014 release from Pop One Productions.  Indeed, the likes of Sarah Shevon, Asphyxia Noir, Aiden Starr, Claire Robbins, and Ashlee Graham all play the parts of various World War II Nazis--some fictional and at least one based on a real individual (Eva Braun)--as they jerk cock for their cause.  The themes behind each scenario are surprisingly different, or at least different enough, to keep things interesting and fresh throughout, and there are plenty of comical moments along the way, as well.  The latter ranges from faux accents with intentional slip-ups all the way up through more nuanced and informed material. Obviously, the ladies and the script poke fun at the bad guys that they're portraying and don't show them in a serious or positive light, for those who might initially be inclined to be offended by such a release. Indeed and similarly, it's unlikely that a movie like this--even of a few short years ago--would be made in this day and age...which in and of itself is a sad commentary on the current state of the world.  Regardless, it's not about politics or social commentary, it's about tits, ass, pussy, and stroking cock...and in these categories, this flick largely succeeds.  For those interested in historically- or military-inspired porn, handy-J's, hot babes in uniform, and so on, this one will probably do the trick. If one is easily offended by edgy subject matter, it's highly recommended to stay away."  Well that review pretty much sums it all up.  I couldn't find it free but you can pay to watch it here it your inclined to do so. 

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