Saturday, February 26, 2022


"She's an evil beauty with special tastes--for men AND women!  Carmen Luvana will blow you away! Meet the over-sexed First Lady who uses big tits and double-penetration to sway 2 Senators!  Naughty Kylie Ireland is your d.p. dame!  The farm-bred female aviator who circle-sucks for the fun!  Girl-Next-Door Austyn Moore in her nastiest role ever!  The German air engineer who can't fly without anal sex! European sex diva Anna Nova!  America's best spy is a horny blonde who squirts at the sight of cock! Don't miss Flower Tucci's backdoor tryst as she gets it in the end!  See the interracial victory of a black airman meeting the oral and anal needs of 2 horny white intelligence experts!  America's sexiest secret agents do battle in this outrageous, sexually-driven "what if" blockbuster!"  Well this is a pretty decent gonzo porn that is set in the war years.  I found a free copy but your going to have to cut through some pop up bull shit and listen to some drone Russian translate it.  Sorry, its the only one I could find for free so check it out here

Just porn set in WWII, nothing too exciting but that.
Brian & Mel

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