Monday, April 9, 2012

Medal of Honor Monday: Sadao Munemori

"He fought with great gallantry and intrepidity near Seravezza, Italy.  When his unit was pinned down by grazing fire from the enemy's strong mountain defense and command of the squad devolved on him with the wounding of its regular leader, he made frontal, one-man attacks through direct fire and knocked out two machine guns with grenades.  Withdrawing under murderous fire and showers of grenades from other enemy emplacements, he had nearly reached a shell crater occupied by two of his men when an unexploded grenade bounced on his helmet and rolled toward his helpless comrades.  He arose into the withering fire, dived for the missile and smothered its blast with his body.  By his swift, supremely heroic action Pfc. Munemori saved two of his men at the cost of his own life and did much to clear the path for his company's victorious advance."

From PFC Munemori's Medal of Honor citation, awardedin 1998

A honor late in receiving but nonetheless worthy,
Brian & Mel

Sadao S. Munemori Memorial Interchange in Los Angeles CA.

USNS Private Sadao S. Munemori
Sadao S. Munemori Hall,  on the grounds of the CaptainNelson M. Holderman U.S. Army Reserve Center in West Los Angeles, California.
Sadao Munemori is memorialized by a statue in Pietrasanto, Italy
American Legion Post 321 in Los Angeles, CA

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