Saturday, January 15, 2022

"Les grandes Grandes Vacances" aka "The Long, Long Holiday"

"Experience a new perspective on a World War II through the eyes of two young city children who are living at their grandparent's country home at the beginning of the war.  Despite the war, they will experience wonderful adventures while coming into contact with nature and animals and, making new friends!"  This was a pretty good show so give it a go at the links below.  

A new perspective of the war most have not seen,
Brian & Mel


  1. Great series, and good gaming inspiration!

  2. Damn dude, get out of my head. I just binged this series Friday night with the wife.LOL

    1. Great minds think alike!

      Hope ya like it,

    2. It was pretty good, and I suggested it to my brother to show his daughters. The oldest loves world war 2 and the youngest is into spooky things and war movies.