Saturday, December 18, 2021

Found & Explained Breaks WEIRD!!!

The crew over at Found & Explained have made several weird war documentaries so give them a looks see below and see what you think.

Great stuff,

"The Insane Giant Nazi Railway - The Breitspurbahn"

"The Plane To Save Japan - Biggest Japanese KX-3"
"Soviet Flying Tank - The True Story of the Antonov A-40"
"The Legendary Nazi UFO - Is It Real?"

"The Nazi Bomber Made To Destroy New York - The Horten H.XVIII 18 Flying Wing America Bomber"

"Insane Flying Wing Jet Fighter To Save Germany - Horten Ho 229 Nazi UFO"


  1. Funny, I have never watched this guy's channel before. And then all his videos pop up as suggestions. And then I see your post as well. Small world.