Tuesday, December 28, 2021

"Die Welt Brennt" aka "The World is On Fire" Series

So this series of German porn movies are set within WWII but I can't find them free anywhere so below are links to their trailers for you to check out and see what you think.  They look pretty high quality with some top tier ass so have fun!

The Long Night of Abby Taylor
"London 1985 - Abby Taylor's phone rings.  At the other end is a seriously ill man, he takes you on a journey into the past ... During World War II, Abby was a British nurse who defies her instructions and pays a very high price for it.   Her tormentor from back then is tormented by guilt.  Can Abby forgive him?" Check out the trailer here!

The Gift of Forgiveness - The Reestraat Doorman
"Amsterdam 1943 - Holland is occupied by the Germans.   Adam is the doorman of Reestraat 16, an apartment building in the middle of Amsterdam.  He has the power of knowledge, because all residents have to pass him.  He shamelessly uses his power, if they don't fuck with him he will reveal all their secrets to the Gestapo."  Watch the trailer here!

The Reestraat Doorman - Friendship Betrayed
"Amsterdam 1943 - Holland is occupied by the Germans.   Adam, the shameless doorman at Reestraat 16 in Amsterdam, continues to play his inhumane game with the residents.   If the beautiful young women are not at his will, or his dark friends, he threatens to hand them over to the Gestapo.  Without will, women have to endure the most devious fantasies ..." Watch the trailer here!

Abused and Betrayed
"Amsterdam 1943 - Holland is occupied by the Germans.   After months of torment, the worst has happened.   Despite all the humiliations, the young women fell into the hands of the merciless Gestapo. Kidnapped in the dark dungeons of the inhuman occupiers, the innocent women have to endure cruel interrogations and sexual torments ..." Watch the trailer here!

Hope you enjoy them! ;)
Brian & Melonie

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