Sunday, September 5, 2021

"Supermen: World at War"

"Lois and Clark get assigned to the Press Corps in France near the end of WWII, in March of 1945. Lois and her photographer, Private Donald Callahan, get kidnapped by Nazi Super Soldiers and taken as hostages to Berlin.  To rescue them, Superman must stand up to Hitler's Super Soldiers.  They are more formidable than any foes he has faced previously.  Will he stand up to the challenge or will the jack boot of the crooked cross rule after all?!  This is a fan film with a lot of heart and they capture the Golden Aged Sup perfectly.  Now the budget is low and it doesn't have to much flash, it is worth a watch if you are a true Man of Steel fan.  Check it out below.

A flick for true fans of the Man from Krypton,
Brian & Mel

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