Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Honored Allies Wednesday: Herbert W. Le Patourel (Guernsey)

"On the afternoon of the 3rd December,1942, the enemy had occupied an important high feature on the left of the Company commanded by this officer.  Counter-attacks by a Company of another Battalion and detachments of Major Le Patourel's Company had been unable to regain the position.  This officer then personally led four volunteers under very heavy fire to the top in a last attempt to dislodge several enemy machine guns.  The party was heavily engaged by machine gun fire and Major Le Patourel rallied his men several times and engaged the enemy, silencing several machine gun posts. Finally when the remainder of his party were all killed or wounded, he went forward alone with a pistol and some grenades to attack enemy machine guns at close quarters and from this action did not return. From reports received from wounded men, this officer died of wounds.  Major Le Patourel's most gallant conduct and self sacrifice, his brilliant leadership and tenacious devotion to duty in the face of a determined enemy were beyond praise."

From Maj. Le Patourel's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 5 March 1943.
Another brave ally,
Brian & Mel
Guernsey Post stamps celebrating Le Patourel's service.

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