Friday, August 20, 2021

Enemy Elite Friday: Eugen Zehnder (Germany)

"On the 17.01.1943, Zehnder's Bataillon was holding a dominant rock position in front of Tuapse in the West Caucasus, one which the Soviets had been attacking continuously for two weeks.  At this time the Bataillon was reinforced by a company of Turkish soldiers, who did not speak much German but were nonetheless competent shooters.  On this day the MG of a German squad was knocked out.  Zehnder grabbed an intact MG and ran to the beleaguered squad under intense hostile fire, an action which likely saved the men involved.  Later on, in the afternoon, Zehnder found himself in the leftmost position of his sector with only one other rifleman and a Turk.  Below the position, he suddenly spotted an advancing Soviet assault group of forty to fifty men.  With the Turk giving covering fire, Zehnder and his fellow soldier stormed down the ridge and overran the Soviet soldiers.  This independent and decisive action thus led to the prevention of a Soviet penetration in this particular sector, and Zehnder was recognized for it with the award of the Knight's Cross."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross on March 7th, 1943 as Oberjäger of 1./Gebirgsjager-Regiment 13.
Another bold enemy elite,
Brian & Mel


  1. Where did those Turkish soldiers vome from ???

  2. Turkish to soldiers in Russia ???

    1. Turkish volunteers.