Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"Wings of War: Eagle" / "Wings of War: Adler"

"The son of a hero from the Great War who made his fortune in the steel industry, James O'Brady is destined for a great career in politics.  When his father is appointed ambassador to Germany, James goes with him, to get an inside of view of the geopolitical landscape in the mid-1930s.  But James follows his own path... which is destined to cross that of a young German fighter pilot."  
"Hans Raeder lost both his father and his younger brother in 1918.  To cope with the pain he, like Germany itself, takes refuge in fantasies—not only the fantasies of others, but also those of his own creation.  In a country rebuilding itself on myths and deception, Hans is prepared to do anything to become the idol he worships: a fighter pilot... even if it means turning into a Nazi monster.  What he doesn't realize is that his destiny is linked to another young pilot, on the other side of the Atlantic... "
This is an interesting book that shows the progression of the war via two different points of view and then a certain "supernatural" events changes everything.  Now this has some good stuff in it but its also a bit of the same, using some of the same old "body swap" tropes to convey it's story. Give it a read here and here and see for yourself.

A mixed bag but worth a single read through,

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