Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Honored Allies Wednesday: Anthony C. C. Miers (United Kingdom)

"Lieutenant Commander Anthony Cecil Chapel Miers Royal Navy For valor in command of H.M. Submarine Torbay in a daring and successful raid on shipping in a defended enemy harbor, planned with full knowledge of the great hazards to be expected during seventeen hours in waters closely patrolled by the enemy.  On arriving in the harbor he had to charge his batteries lying on the surface in full moonlight, under the guns of the enemy.  As he could not see his target he waited several hours and attacked in full daylight in a glassy calm.   When he had fired his torpedoes he was heavily 'counter-attacked and had to withdraw through a long channel with anti-submarine craft all round and continuous air patrols overhead."

From LtCdr Mier's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 3 July 1942.

May you be at peace,
Brian & Mel

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