Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Honored Allies Wednesday: Robert E.D. Ryder (India/United Kingdom)

"For great gallantry in the attack on St. Nazaire.  He commanded a force of small unprotected ships in an attack on a heavily defended port and led H.M.S. Campbeltown in under intense fire from short range weapons at point blank range.  Though the main object of the expedition had been accomplished in the beaching of Campbeltown, he remained on the spot conducting operations, evacuating men from Campbeltown and dealing with strong points and close range weapons while exposed to heavy fire for one hour and sixteen minutes, and did not withdraw till it was certain that his ship could be of no use in rescuing any of the Commando Troops who were still ashore.  That his Motor Gun Boat, now full of dead and wounded, should have survived and should have been able to withdraw through an intense barrage of close range fire was almost a miracle." 

From Capt. Ryder's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on 19 May 1942.
Another capable honred ally,
Brian & Mel

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