Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Honored Allies Wednesday: Thomas Moore (United Kingdom)


Captain Tom, as he was commonly know, was a vehicle instructor in the British Army during WWII but it wasn't until his 100th birthday that he would see international fame.  Capt. Tom decided to help raise money for the NHS to help combat COVID-19.  He then proceeded to walk 100 lengths of his garden and would raise more then 32 million pounds for charity!  He was then later elevated to colonel and knighted by the Queen herself in a special ceremony.  Unfortunately, Moore would succumb to complications from the very disease that he was fighting against.  He was a truly honored ally and hero to the British people.
May you be at peace, 
Brian & Mel

A memorial to Moore in Pontefract, West Yorkshire
His autobiography

A children book of his famous endeavor.

A Class 800 train engine named in his honor.

A Class 800 train engine named in his honor.

A Optare Versa bus named in his honor.

An Alexander Dennis Enviro400 MMC bus named in his honor.

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