Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Honored Allies Wednesday: Emigdio C. Cruz (Philippines)

"While in active service in the Army of the United States for exceptional heroism beyond the call of duty in action on a secret mission from Washington to Australia and to the Philippines, from May 3, 1943 to February 28, 1944, the Medal for Valor is awarded to Major Emigdio C. Cruz, Philippine Army, in the active service of the Army of the United States.  Major Cruz volunteered for the hazardous mission of entering the Philippines and obtaining information there of the great importance to the Government of the Commonwealth and the Southwest Pacific Command.  His capture by the enemy would have meant torture and certain death.  He landed in Negros, traveled by various means and under various guises to Manila and returned to Australia and thence to Washington, with his mission fully and satisfactorily accomplished.  In accomplishing this dangerous mission, Major Cruz showed daring resourcefulness and long sustained courage."

From Maj. Cruz's Medal of Valor citation, awarded in 1944.

May you be at peace,
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