Friday, March 20, 2020

Dingues de Jeux Goes Weird!!!

The crew over at Dingues de jeux have made some excellent weird war battle reports using the Dust system so take a gander and see what you think.

Great stuff!  Now if we only understood French!
Brian & Mel
Mythos vs. SSU
USMC vs Blutkreuz
Mercs vs. SSU
Blutkreuz vs. Rangers
Heavy Greandiers vs. Heavy Rangers
Axis vs. Spetsnaz
Mercs vs. USMC
Luftwaffe vs. Mercs
Axis vs. Rangers

Spetsnaz vs Blutkreuz

Mythos vs. IJN
Blutkreuz vs. USMC

Steel Guards vs. Rangers

Game Demo

Allied vs. Axis

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