Thursday, February 4, 2021

"Blade: The Iron Cross"

A Nazi scientist is on the cusp of creating the ultimate wonder weapon, while an American detective hunts down a killer all the while a young woman is drawn in all the madness with her feverish psychic dreams that shows her all the horror that is transpiring.  Will she get caught up in the madness too or will her little protector see her through it all safely?  Now I am a mixed bag when it comes to Full Moon as I was a rabid fan of it in the 80s and early 90s but turned my back from it in the 2000s with all their stupid shit but this one I enjoyed.  It's still low budget but the passion of the past is there and the effects were a lot of fun.  I'd have to say that most of their Puppet Master themed flicks are fun enough to enjoy and this one is included in that so give the trailer a look and see what you think.

Fun flick!
Brian & Mel

We also think Tania Fox is sexy as hell!  Yummy!
Also check out the comic too!!!

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