Sunday, September 13, 2020

Dexion Goes WEIRD!!!

The crew over at Dexion has made several Weird WWII battle reports using the Dust 1947 rules so give them a look see below.
Great stuff,
Brian & Melonie
Spetsnaz Vs Blutkreuz
Spetsnaz vs Blutkreuz
USMC vs. The Steel Guard
 USMC vs. Steel Guard
 Blutkreuz vs.Spetsnaz
 Spetsnaz vs. Blutkreuz
Blutkreuz vs.d Spetsnaz
Rangers vs. Red Guard
Rangers vs, Red Guard
Rangers and Red Guards
Allies vs SSU
Allies Vs SSU

Blutkreuz vs Red Army

Heavy Rangers Vs. Blutkreuz

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