Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Two-Fisted Tales" & "The New Two-Fisted Tales"


Two-Fisted Tales was an anthology war book mostly centered around the Korean War with legendary folks like Kurtzman and other EC regulars such as John Severin, Jack Davis, Wally Wood, George Evans, Will Elder, Reed Crandall and Bernard Krigstein.  Non-EC regulars that contributed to the comic included Alex Toth, Ric Estrada, Gene Colan, Joe Kubert and Dave Berg. Read these classics here.
"In 1993, Dark Horse Comics published two issues of Harvey Kurtzman's The New Two-Fisted Tales, featuring war stories by contemporary creators.  The first was published April 1, 1993 and the last August 1, 1993."Give them a read here
Great stuff!

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