Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Honored Allies Wednesday: John H. Edmondson (Australia)

"On the night of 13th–14th April, 1941, a party of German infantry broke through the wire defenses at Tobruk, and established themselves with at least six machine guns, mortars and two small field pieces.  It was decided to attack them with bayonets, and a party consisting of one officer, Corporal Edmondson and five privates, took part in the charge.  During the counter-attack Corporal Edmondson was wounded in the neck and stomach but continued to advance under heavy fire and killed one enemy with his bayonet.  Later, his officer had his bayonet in one of the enemy and was grasped about the legs by him, when another attacked him from behind.  He called for help, and Corporal Edmondson, who was some yards away, immediately came to his assistance and in spite of his wounds, killed both of the enemy.  This action undoubtedly saved his officer's life.  Shortly after returning from this successful counter-attack, Corporal Edmondson died of his wounds.  His actions throughout the operations were outstanding for resolution, leadership and conspicuous bravery."

From Cpl. Edmondson's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on July 1, 1941.

A true honored ally,

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