Friday, March 27, 2020

1/48 Atlantis US H-25 US Army Helicopter Kit

So playing weird war, I am always looking out for WWII-era helos for my US airborne and I thought I found one!  I found Atlantis' recasting of an old Aurora 1/48 model kit of the 40s era US H-25 chopper!  I picked it up for about $20 and while waiting for it to show I was envisioning a wing worth of the Mules dropping off their weird war airborne on the tabletop all Vietnam War era like but when I got the kit I was reminded of Aurora's loose interpretation of what a model's "scale" should be and was disappointed at what looked to be like a much smaller scale of this rare whirlybird.  So if you are in the market for a WWII era helo to use with you weird war Americans, you best pass on this one as it don't scale like it should but if you are not as OCD as me, it might work for small 28mm minis.  Anyway, I'm still looking for the Holy Grail of all WWII era helos for my airborne, the H-12.  So if in your adventures across the globe, you discover such a epic find in 1/48, drop this poor soul a line and I'd be much grateful.

Way to small to be 1/48, you bastards!!!

Could have been an excellent model on the tabletop battlefield, if it only fit!

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