Friday, December 6, 2019

"The Aftermath"

A woman joins her husband, who is part of the British occupation government, in post-war Germany.  It is here that a love triangle develops between the couple and a German widow who's home has been sequestered as a home for the British diplomat.  With both having lost loved ones in the woman and German develop a love affair as the husband deals with the complex and often chaotic post-war British sector in Hamburg.  Will the new lovers continue their affair or will the husband discover it all and lose another loved on to the war?!  This is a pretty good drama set in a time in history that is often overlooked.  It gives a good depiction of the chaos of post war Germany and tells a pretty good story about those who had survived it with loved ones lost.  Also, we see some great shots of Knightly and Skarsgård in some steaming sex scenes!  Give the trailer a go and see what you think.

A good flick,
Brian & Melonie

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