Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Honored Allies Wednesday: Robert Hampton Gray (Canada)

"For great valor in leading an attack on a Japanese destroyer in Onagawa Wan, on 9 August 1945.  In the face of fire from shore batteries and a heavy concentration of fire from some five warships, Lieutenant Gray pressed home his attack, flying very low in order to ensure success, and, although he was hit and his aircraft was in flames, he obtained at least one direct hit, sinking the destroyer.  Lieutenant Gray has consistently shown a brilliant fighting spirit and most inspiring leadership."
From Lt. Gray's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on November 13, 1945.
May you be at peace,

Painting of Gray attacking the Etorofu-class escort ship, Amakusa.
Memorial to Gray at Onagawa Wan, Japan.
Bust of Gray at The Valiants Memorial in Ottawa, Canada.

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