Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"The Ministry of Time" aka "El ministerio del tiempo" Episodes "How Does Time get Rewritten?" & "Time of Spies."

"Lola's use of an unregistered time door in 1940 Montserrat Abbey to save Spanish members of the French Resistance goes sour when one is captured and shares his knowledge with Heinrich Himmler." 

"The agents travel to 1943 Spain and France to ensure "Operation Mincemeat" goes through.  The plot will fool Hitler into defending Greece instead of Sicily, but needs a fresh corpse for the deception. Instead they get a live volunteer.  Ernesto and a young Lola are captured and tortured by Nazis, then marched to a firing squad.  Back at the Ministry, modern-day Lola dies of radiation poisoning.  Salvador and Irene learn the other roaming poisoner is a rogue Ministry agent from another era who's "dead"."
This is sci-fi series that is better then most but still pretty mediocre at best.
Not too bad but not great either,

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