Thursday, January 3, 2019

"Naked Among Wolves" aka "Nackt unter Wölfen"

2015 film

1963 film

The prisoners of Buchenwald have discovered a young boy without the Germans knowledge.  The tormented men then play a cat and mouse game to keep the boy safe from their ever watchful and inhuman captors.  Can they keep him safe or we he meet the fate of some many more like him.  This is a brutal movie that shows the conditions and day to day life in a Nazi concentration camp.  Give it a watch below and see just how evil man can be towards man.  There is a 1960 tv movie but I couldn't find it anywhere.

A brutal story,

2015 movie (German w/English & Arab subtitles)

1963 film (Russian)

The novel by Apitz that inspired the films.

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