Monday, January 14, 2019

Medal of Honor Monday: Joseph J. Foss


"For outstanding heroism and courage above and beyond the call of duty as Executive Officer of a Marine Fighting Squadron, at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.  Engaging in almost daily combat with the enemy from October 9 to November 19, 1942, Captain Foss personally shot down 23 Japanese aircraft and damaged others so severely that their destruction was extremely probable.  In addition, during this period, he successfully led a large number of escort missions, skillfully covering reconnaissance, bombing and photographic planes as well as surface craft.  On January 15, 1943, he added three more enemy aircraft to his already brilliant successes for a record of aerial combat achievement unsurpassed in this war.  Boldly searching out an approaching enemy force on January 25, Captain Foss led his eight F4F Marine planes and four Army P-38s into action and, undaunted by tremendously superior numbers, intercepted and struck with such force that four Japanese fighters were shot down and the bombers were turned back without releasing a single bomb.  His remarkable flying skill, inspiring leadership and indomitable fighting spirit were distinctive factors in the defense of strategic American positions on Guadalcanal." 

From Capt. Foss' Medal of Honor citation, awarded on May 18, 1943.
May you be at peace,
Patch of Foss' squadron drawn by Walt Disney Studios.
Foss on the cover of TIME magazine.

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Book written by Ross and Simmons

Book written by Foss and Brennan

Book written by Foss and his wife

Joe Foss Field at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport

Joe Foss High School also in Sioux Falls
Foss statues at the  Sioux Falls Regional Airport
Statue of Foss at the State Building in Pierre, South Dakota.
Joe Foss Shooting Complex in Buckeye, Arizona

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