Thursday, May 17, 2018

New Weird WWII Flick, "Overlord" aka "Cloverfield 4"?

Well looks like we're going to get another Colverfield pos but it will be set within WWII.  Check out the below video for a bit more insight on what Master Exploder has in store for his first run in the Weird WWII genera.  Here is the article from Dread Central.

If it's like the last one it's going to be a mess, in a bad way.

 Just watched this and its total shit!  You'd think all the money dropped into it it would at least be mediocre but nope, its total shit.  The story, dialog, pacing, tactics, acting, everything is shit so don't even bother.  Below is the trailer so you can get a glimpse of the turd this thing really is.

Total shit,

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  1. Finally, so weird nazi zombies on the way. We don't want scenario, we want good pictures (like Star Wars is doing now)