Thursday, March 30, 2017



"A student of the occult, Hitler knew that a properly trained werewolf would be the ultimate warrior.  With their shredding fangs, gutting claws and uncanny regenerative powers, they are the ideal killing machines. Through a miracle of genetic engineering, the sadistic madman created the SS unit that would win the war. If they could be controlled.  It was a special homecoming for Dannie and her father; they were both Highcliffe alumn and they hadn't seen each other for too long. The festivities were marred by reports of savage assaults by a wild beast loose in the city. Then there were more attacks; this time people died, their corpses never fully recovered. Huge, bear-like animals lurched along the streets, feeding on human limbs, smashing windows and dragging out mutilated bodies. Then, Dannie's father saw a face he last saw in Nazi Germany forty years ago. A face that hadn't aged a day. A face that seemed to command respect from the ghoulish beasts feeding on the town. Suddenly, it started to make horrific sense: his darkest fear had become a reality..."  I enjoyed this one so give it a read and see what you think.

Worth a read,

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