Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Honored Allies Wednesday: Albert Chowne (Australia)

                 Albert Chowne

"For most conspicuous bravery, brilliant leadership and devotion to duty during an attack on an enemy position on a narrow ridge near Dagua, New Guinea on 25th March, 1945.  After the capture of Dagua, the main enemy force withdrew southwards from the beach to previously prepared positions on the flank of the division.  Further movement towards Wewak was impossible while this threat to the flank existed and the battalion was ordered to destroy the enemy force.  A company, after making contact with the enemy on a narrow ridge, was ordered to attack the position.  The leading platoon in the attack came under heavy fire from concealed enemy machine gun sites on a small rise dominating the approach.  In the initial approach, one member of this platoon was killed and nine wounded, including the, platoon commander and the enemy continued to inflict casualties on our troops.  Without awaiting orders, Lt. Chowne, whose platoon was in reserve, instantly  appreciated the plight of the leading platoon and rushed the enemy's position.  Running up a steep, narrow track, he hurled grenades which knocked out two enemy light machine guns.  Then,  calling on his men to follow him and firing his sub machine gun from the hip, he charged the enemy's position.  Although he sustained two serious wounds in the chest, the impetus of his charge carried him 50 yards forward under the most intense machine gun and rifle fire.  Lt. Chowne accounted for two more Japanese before he was killed standing, over three foxholes occupied by the enemy.  The superb heroism and self-sacrifice of this officer, culminating in his death, resulted in the capture of this strongly held enemy position, ensured the further immediate success of his company in this area and paved the way directly for the continuance of the division's advance to Wewak." 

From Lt. Chowne's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on September 4, 1945.

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  1. He was born just up the road from where I currently live. He had previously been awarded the Military Medal and also served in North Africa at the siege of Tobruk and the Battle of El Alamein.