Friday, November 6, 2015

Millennium Con 18

Well folks, Ill be hosting a couple games at Millennium Con 18 this weekend so if your in the Austin area and want to throw down and get weird then swing by.  I'll be hosting on Friday at noon and Saturday at 2:00.  It's 1946 and the mission to wipe out the last remaining Nazi stronghold off the face of the Earth is at hand. Can the 1st Marine Division defeat fascism once and for all or will the 4th Reich take root and grow in the arctic wastes? Play the Americans or as the Nazis in a Weird WWII tour de force!

Hope to see ya there!

Had a blast at the con this last week end!  Caught up with a bunch of old pals and made a few new ones too!  Below are a few pics of my games so take a gander.


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