Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Panzerfäuste" 2nd Edition

"Panzerfäuste is a historo-fantasy miniatures game, one where standard fantasy races are taken out of their comfort zone of the classic medieval sword and sorcery setting and put into another, historically inspired, time period - here the period of mechanised warfare in the 20th century.  If you think about it technological advancement in a high fantasy world would not just stop at the equivalent of the early 16th century and at some stage someone would invent a new, more efficient way of killing their enemies.  In our game the Dwarves have long stopped hitting Orcs with axes and over the centuries have shot them with black powder muskets, mown them down with Gatling guns and now try and blow them up with hand grenades and howitzers!  Panzerfäuste itself was originally published a decade or so back by Wessex Games along with a small range of white metal miniatures. HystericalGames are now taking up the torch and are resurrecting Panzerfäuste with a new set of rules and piles of new miniatures. We have always loved the game and its potential and are now excited to be in a position to realize that potential.   The original game was a section level skirmish game that was great fun (such fun that we are reprinting a cut down version in this issue of Panzerfäuste Quarterly), but going forward we will be publishing a new mass battle game for around fifty figures a side, as well as updating the skirmish game.  This means you’ll have two different Panzerfäuste games to play, depending on what mood you are in or the miniatures you have available."  
I remember the original game but never had the opportunity to play it so I might just have to give it a go this time.  I do love the minis and they can easily be used in just about any other Weird WWII game as well.  Swing over to Hysterical Games and take a gander!!

Look forward to seeing what this is about,

Orks (Commonwealth)

Dwarves (Germans)

Gnomes (French)

Troglodytes (Polish)

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