Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Ardennes Fury"

A tank destroyer crew must save a group of orphans that are trapped in the blast zone of a planned massive areal bombardment.  Can these GIs get the kids or will they be killed along with the Nazis?  This is another one of those movies where a couple WWII reenactment groups got together to make a movie on the weekend.  Pretty bad all around and not a big loss if missed.  Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

You can skip this one,


  1. Nice find! Gotta wonder why the GIs have a Soviet tank supporting them :-)

  2. Ok... so from the trailer, they are trapped behind enemy lines during the battle of the Bulge, which took place in December, but it's summer. The late war Hanomag is early war tank grey, and yes, they have a T34.

    If they are re-enactors they don't seem too concerned about the historical side. WW2 cosplayers more likely.