Sunday, February 15, 2015


A veteran American tank crew tries to survive the last few weeks of WWII in Europe but the Germans seem determined to prevent that if possible.  Can the crew of "Fury" survive the war or becomes it's latest casualties?  This movie was fucking AWESOME!!!!!!  Real kit and vehicles and to top if off a real PzKpfw VI Ausf E!!!!!!!!  That alone makes it an instant classic and my friends this will be the WWII movie for decades to come!!!  Check out the trailer and see what your missing!
Don't rent it just buy this bad ass flick!  You'll thank me later,

The best scene in the movie, Legoiszed!  Epic!


  1. Visually the movie was brilliant. I didn't like the final battle though, where the Germans just stupidly ran at the tank...

    An interesting tidbit is that Brad Pitt's character might be a WW1 veteran, given his age, the fact he speaks german and his choice of sidearm (a revolver). Nothing is mentioned in the movie about this, just a fan theory.

    1. That's good insight in Pitt's character, makes since. Also love how he uses a captured MP44 too.

      The final scene is pure Hollywood unfortunately but still exiting. There was a lot of ways to take that M4 out but I have to admit I love seeing Nazis getting wasted so , BRING IT!!!!!

      Still a great flick though,