Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Honored Allies Wednesday: Georgy K. Zhukov (Soviet Union)

Zhukov is your classic example of strict, bloodthirsty Commie commander who will do anything to achieve victory.  During WWII he was in all the shit and really put the gun up to his men, literally, to achieve victory no matter the cost!  Zhukov's military strategy would also lend him great respect from friend and foe alike and would be the driving force for Russian military doctrine for the years to come.  Zhukov would be awarded the Order of Victory four times and would end up being one of the most decorated Commies during the war.  But like so many in Stalin's sight, he was to ride the wave of his favor and discontent throughout his life.  After Stalin's death, he would find favor in the government again and would hold several high posts until he went against the party hardliners one time to many and was forced into retirement.  This brilliant commander would end his days writing his memoirs and again gaining favor in the new political climate of a new reforming Russia upon his death.

A true no holds barred commander of the mighty Red Army!

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