Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Honored Allies Wednesday: Uzeyir Abduramanov (USSR)

"Was born on 25 March 1916 to a peasant Crimean Tatar family in either Kashik-Degirmen or Jag'a Mamish, Crimea.  He was drafted into the Red Army in 1939.  Abduramanov was deployed shortly after the start of Operation Barbarossa; he had previously fought in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol.  He saw action in the Battle of Stalingrad before advancing on to Byelorussia.  During the fighting in Novye Tereshkovichi, Gomel Region in 1943 he was one of the seventeen sappers tasked with building a bridge across the icy Sozh river for advancing Red Army troops.  The crossing lasted nine hours, and only three of the sappers survived.  The sappers had stayed in the ice water the entire time and continued to lay support beams even under heavy enemy artillery and machine-gun fire.  For his resilience and bravery at the Sozh crossing he was declared a Hero of the Soviet Union by decree of the Supreme Soviet on 15 January 1944."

Another exceptional ally,

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