Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Indiana Jones and the Golden Fleece"


"This all-new adventure has Indy in the middle of an archeological dig during the World War II German invasion of Greece where he stumbles across an ancient order of mystics who are seeking the fabled Fleece once used by Jason to bring power and prosperity to an empire.  When things begin to get dicey, Jones is rescued by Omphale, the strong-willed daughter of a Greek cargo pilot, and by the time Indy figures out what's going on, he's got the Turkish secret police, the ancient sect, and the entire German army out to get him and his findings!  This action adventure gives our hero one of the most harrowing experiences of his life as he is forced to attempt his escape on... a bicycle!?  The plane ride to Istanbul has got to be easier than this!"  Read it here!

Great stuff!

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