Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Honored Allies Wednesday: Teyfuk Abdul (USSR)


"Born on 24 December 1915 to a Crimean Tatar peasant family in the village of Partenit. After being drafted into the Red Army he attended the Orel Infantry School before being deployed to the front after the German invasion of the Soviet Union with the rank of Junior Lieutenant as part of the 412th Rifle Regiment. He saw combat on the Western, Don, South-Western and Steppe fronts. He was seriously wounded twice during the second half of 1941, and by the end of 1941 he was promoted to position of battalion commander. After graduating from a sharpshooting course in 1942 he was continued to serve as battalion commander until he was seriously wounded again in December. That same year he joined the Communist Party. After recovering from his injuries in the hospital he returned to combat and participated in the Battle of the Dnieper as commander of the 2nd Rifle Battalion of the 175th Guards Rifle Regiment in the 58th Guards Rifle Division of the 57th Army on the Steppe Front with the rank of Captain. On 26 September 1943 Abdul led his battalion across the Dnieper through a smokescreen and seized one of the first bridgeheads, doing from the strip of land near the village Verkhnedneprovsk to the small island of Pushkarevsky. They held the bridgehead for several days, permitting the transfer of the main forces of the regiment across the river and destroying large quantities of enemy equipment and manpower in the process. After leading the crossing in September he was wounded in battle again and hospitalized. While in the hospital he met Guard Lieutenant Mariya Stepanova Kochina, whom he soon married. For his success in leading the crossing he was declared a Hero of the Soviet Union on 20 December 1943."
Another hard-charging ally,

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