Friday, August 15, 2014

Enemy Elite Friday: Georg Audenrieth (Germany)


"During the early morning of this day, the first day of Christmas, the Bulgarians attacked through the thick mist following an hour-long artillery barrage.  Along with the support of elite communist troops, they succeeded in achieving a penetration.  Strong enemy forces swiftly dug in behind our frontline in order to consolidate their control over the village and the nearby friendly field works.  The situation appeared hopeless.  The attacking Bulgarian-Russian brigade sustained heavy losses in this fight, 300 dead Bolsheviks littered the battlefield.  Totally alone, and without any contact with his superiors, Audenrieth commenced a counter-thrust with just 2 men.  His aim was to crush the much larger enemy force.   Under fire from numerous enemy weapons, he managed to throw back the foe in close combat. He succeeded in once again restoring contact with the left neighbor.  52 dead Bolsheviks covered the battlefield.  1 officer and 17 men were personally taken prisoner by Audenrieth.  He also captured 7 MGs, 20 machine-pistols and numerous rifles.  It was Audenrieth’s bravery and decisiveness which ensured the elimination of the enemy penetration here and the holding of the defensive front in this sector.  I congratulate both Oberjäger Audenrieth and the entire regiment in light of this high honor.  On behalf of the whole division, I also give him my thanks for the outstanding merit he has wrought on the battlefield."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on February 10th, 1945 as Stabsgefreiter of Gebirgsjäger Regiment 99 in the 1st Mountain Division.
Another capable enemy elite,

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