Monday, July 21, 2014

Medal of Honor Monday: Arthur O. Beyer

"He displayed conspicuous gallantry in action.  His platoon, in which he was a tank-destroyer gunner, was held up by antitank, machine gun, and rifle fire from enemy troops dug in along a ridge about 200 yards to the front.  Noting a machine gun position in this defense line, he fired upon it with his 76-mm gun killing 1 man and silencing the weapon.  He dismounted from his vehicle and, under direct enemy observation, crossed open ground to capture the 2 remaining members of the crew.  Another machine gun, about 250 yards to the left, continued to fire on him.   Through withering fire, he advanced on the position.  Throwing a grenade into the emplacement, he killed 1 crew member and again captured the 2 survivors.  He was subjected to concentrated small-arms fire but, with great bravery, he worked his way a quarter mile along the ridge, attacking hostile soldiers in their foxholes with his carbine and grenades.  When he had completed his self-imposed mission against powerful German forces, he had destroyed 2 machine gun positions, killed 8 of the enemy and captured 18 prisoners, including 2 bazooka teams.  Cpl. Beyer's intrepid action and unflinching determination to close with and destroy the enemy eliminated the German defense line and enabled his task force to gain its objective."

From Corporal Arthur O. Beyer's Medal of Honor citation, awarded on August 30, 1945.
Thank you for your service and may you be at peace,

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