Friday, July 18, 2014

Enemy Elite Friday: Hermann W. Göring (Germany)

Reichsmarschall Hermann W. Göring was awarded the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross on July 19, 1940 for his leadership of the Luftwaffe during Case Yellow in 1940.  Göring would later loose face with Hitler due to the inability of the Luftwaffe to hold up to what Göring boasted it could achieve.  Göring would later spend the rest of the war collecting war booty and would even be denounced a traitor by Hitler himself in the final days of the war.  Göring meet his demise by his own hands using cyanide the day before he was scheduled to be executed after being found guilty of war crimes during the Nuremberg Trials.  This enemy elite exemplifies the character of men who infiltrated German's political scene post WWI and through brutality and skullduggery would secure their role as head of the state delving the world into chaos and war.

Although he cheated the hangman's noose, this evil was finally expunged,

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  1. Reading accounts of him as a fighter pilot in WW1, its hard link that brave man with the person he became later in life.