Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eugene Lazowski

"Before the onset of World War II, Eugeniusz Łazowski obtained a medical degree at the Józef Piłsudski University in Warsaw, Poland.  During World War II Łazowski served as a Polish Army Second Lieutenant on a Red Cross train, then as a military doctor of the Polish resistance Home Army.  Following the German occupation of Poland, Łazowski resided in Rozwadów with his wife and young daughter. Łazowski spent time in a prisoner-of-war camp prior to his arrival in the town, where he reunited with his family and began practicing medicine with his medical-school friend Dr Stanisław Matulewicz.  Using a medical discovery by Matulewicz, that healthy people could be injected with a strain of Proteus that would make them test positive for Typhus without experiencing the disease, Łazowski created a fake outbreak of epidemic typhus in and around the town of Rozwadów (now a district of Stalowa Wola), which the Germans then quarantined.  This saved an estimated 8,000 people from being sent to German concentration camps during the Holocaust."

Another civilian hero doing what they could to save so many lives.

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