Friday, March 21, 2014

Enemy Elite Friday: Kurt Arendt (Germany)

"On the 09.01.1945 the panzer battalion of Hauptmann Arendt was involved in an attack on the city of Hatten while under the command of Kampfgruppe Huss,.  The first German attacks from the Southeast met heavy fire and bogged down.  Arendt thus redirected his armored group to the North and attacked from the Northeast, and was able to break the Allied resistance in that part of the city.  However later that same day Arendt was killed in battle.  Even so his success was duly noted and he was posthumously awarded the Knight’s Cross."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on February 24th, 1945 as Hauptmann of Panzer Battalion 5 in the 25 Panzergrenadier Division
Another deadly enemy elite,

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