Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Storming Juno"

This is a TV docudrama of the Canadian's paratrooper drop and beach landings on and behind Juno Beach on D-Day, 1944.  It follows just about every troop type be it a para, infantryman or tanker during the invasion and gives a glimpse of what all these men faced that day.  The acting is pretty good and the effects and historical accuracy are great!  Throughout the film, actual vets chime in on their memories of the event and how it has kept with them all these years.  Swing over to the official website for a pretty cool interactive site of the operation and check it out below and see what ya think.
 A great testimony to the bravery, combat skill and sacrifice of our ally's to the North!


  1. I agree, 'Storming Juno' is well worthwhile. I quite liked how it focuses on just a few characters instead of trying to reflect the invasion as a whole.

    For what it's worth I wrote a little blurb on it here: http://analogue-hobbies.blogspot.ca/search?q=storming+juno