Friday, September 6, 2013

Enemy Elite Friday: Günter Amelung (Germany)


"Amelung was commander of a German bicycle squadron in early 1943.  In early January of that year the Soviets succeeded in breaking through south of Lake Ilmen with tanks and infantry, threatening to cut an important supply road.  Amelung was ordered to plug the gap in the German lines with his squadron.  The going was tough, and Amelung’s unit was unable to recapture the old positions due to defensive fire from Soviet tanks.  Eventually they were able to bring a ATgun forward, which knocked out 6 Soviet tanks. Amelung was then able to retake two old resistance nests which sealed off the penetration and thus cut off the Soviet troops that had broken through on the previous day.  The Soviets were quick to realize the gravity of the situation and Amelung’s squadron was counterattacked five times over the course of three days and nights.  But, in no small part due to Amelung’s leadership, all attacks were repelled.  Amelung’s outstanding leadership, along with the decisive results of the battle, resulted in a swift reception of the Knight’s Cross." from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on January 15th, 1943 as Lieutenant in the 5th Company, Schnelle Abteilung 123 of the 123rd Infantry Division.
Another deadly enemy elite,

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