Friday, August 9, 2013

Enemy Elite Friday: Herbert Amann (Germany)

"On the night of the 08./09.01.1944 a Soviet armored group centered around the 67th Tank Brigade succeeded in thrusting through the front of the 10th Panzergrenadier Division and onto the command post of the XXXXVII Panzer Korps in Mal Viski.  The penetration was sealed off with the employment of the last available reserves in this area, but it was only with the arrival of the Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 905 that the situation was finally properly stabilized.  Oberleutnant Amann particularly distinguished himself during this round of combat, however he would be fatally wounded a few days later while fighting southeast of Nowo-Mirgorod.  He would subsequently be awarded the Knight’s Cross for his actions in this area as well as for having reached a cumulative total of 42 tanks destroyed."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on February 10th, 1944 as Oberleutnant with the Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 905.
Another deadly enemy elite,

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