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Battleground Weird WWII: SdKfz 2 "Kettenkrad"

SdKfz 2 "Kettenkrad"

SdKfz 2/1 "Feldfernkabel" w/SdAnh 1/1 trailer

SdKfz 2/2 "Schweres Feldkabel"

The SdKfz 2/2's SdAnh 1/2 trailer
Armored Kettenkrad

Notes:  These rules are for the excellent cross-country vehicle, the Kettenkrad.  This thing was used to transport equipment, supplies and personnel in rough terrain on all fronts the Germans were fighting.
Date Introduced:  Late '41
Users:  Germany
Vehicle Chart:  The SdKfz 2 doesn't use a vehicle chart and is treated like any other unarmored conveyance.
Crew:  1 (driver)
Cargo:  2 passengers & up to 2 tons of towing cargo.  All models can tow anything from small trailers to acting as a tractor taxing aircraft or as a prime mover for artillery.
No Radio: Kettenkrads were not fitted with a radio and will suffer the No Radio penalty as noted within the BGWWWII rules.
1/2 Track Car:  All models except the armored model will be considered a car for all intended purposes except those for movement where it is treated as a 1/2 track.
SdKfz 2:  This is the most common model which was used to transport supplies, men and equipment over rough ground. 
SdKfz 2/1:  This model was used to lay down lines of telephone wire on the front.  This vehicle was provided with the SdAnh 1/1 trailer and had a crew of 3.  This vehicle can lay phone wire the length of its normal movement if all the crew are in good order.  If any crew is  missing, they will only be able to lay wire at 1/2 their normal movement.
SdKfz 2/2:  This model was another wire layer but rather laid heavier gauge wire then the lighter line the 2/1 model deployed.  This vehicle was provided with the SdAnh 1/2 trailer and had a crew of 3 as well.  Follow the wire laying rules as in the 2/1 model.
Armored Kettenkrad:  This is a prototype of an armored version of the SdKfz 2 armed with a LMG.  The driver will suffer from the Buttoned-Up penalty and the MG can be manned by any passenger with a 180-degree field of fire to the vehicle's front.  The armor will provide a +2 cover to any passengers if taking fire from the front but are exposed from the flanks and rear.  The driver will receive a +3 cover to any fire from the front or flanks.  The vehicle will act like any other unarmored vehicle when taking fire.
Snow Chains:  Snow chains are fitted to the tire of vehicles to help it better grip onto icy surfaces.  If a vehicle has snow chains then it will receive a -1 bonus to any Bog Checks made on icy or snowy roads.  Availability is a 12 or less on any front.
Wargaming Piece:  Tamiya makes an excellent 1/48 scale model of the SdKfz 2 that also comes with a bunch of extras like a small trailer, a Goliath remote control mine and a bunch of stowage.

Vehicle   Weight   Size   Speed   Type   Weapon
                                                         SdKfz 2          2         VS       10        Car         ---
                                                         SdKfz 2/1       2         VS       10        Car         ---
                                                         SdKfz 2/2       2         VS       10        Car         ---
                                                    Armored Model    2         VS        9         Car     LMG-15

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