Thursday, May 16, 2013

Operation: Teardrop

 Modified V1 (JB-2 "Loon") launched from a US sub.

Operation: Teardrop was an USN operation to take out what was thought to be V1 laden U-Boats en route to the East Coast of the USA during the last days of WWII.  Although US intel had pics of U-Boats with strange wooden rigging on their decks and the conformation from a spy that the Germans did in deed had such a program, the 5 subs were not fitted with missiles and were all sunk or captured before they reached the coast of the US.  After the war, the US would do trials and found that the V1 was perfectly capable of being fired off the deck of a sub within the German's technological capabilities of the time.  Be sure to hit the link above and get all the details on what looked to be a massive operation to stop a possible devastating threat that never was.

Might have been a whole different war if those Ratzis had implemented such a program,

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