Saturday, April 21, 2012

San Jacinto Day

It was on this day back in 1836 that Sam Houston and the military forces of Texas in 18 minutes kicked the shit outta the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto and nabbed ol' Santa Anna in his underoos.  I want to honor all the brave Texans that sacrificed so much that the great state of Texas would become what it is, the greatest country on the planet!

God bless Texas and remember the Alamo and Goliad!


  1. We Tennesseans were happy to help out! Heading to the Alamo in June. It will be my first visit and since I grew up less than 50 miles from Davy's birthplace in NE's the duty of every Tennessee boy to make the pilgrimage to Davy's last stand.

    1. You Tennesseans are always welcome in this neck of the woods.